Video Support Provided to Selling Agents and Brokers

There were several video and event resources made available to selling brokerages and selling agents. Many of these videos were mandatory for brokerages to review prior to selling a syndicate mortgage. The content in this section is broken up into three types.


Project webinars that covered the project (development side – presented by FRDI) and the documents (mortgage side – presented by Borrower brokerage). These webinars were mandatory for selling brokers and agents to review prior to selling syndicate mortgages into that project. These webinars review the loan package in depth and include repeated reminders and cautions outlined in the documents pertaining to risk, role and responsibility of each of the parties involved in the transaction.

Educational Seminars

Educational seminars were either audio calls or in person sessions that were made available to selling agents to learn more about the real estate industry, markets and industry terminology. Additionally, there were calls that provided project updates for active projects. These were not mandatory to attend but were made available to watch and listen to at any time.


Professional Development Day events were held twice a year. Brokerages and their agents were invited to these events that were focused on new projects, some educational segments updating on the industry and real estate market in Canada. These were not mandatory to attend but a video of the event was made available to agents after it was complete.